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▬ I cannot be trusted ▬
Lugia: A long time ago, she was everything to him. He trusted her blindly, he adored her, she was his world. Until that day. The day Lugia, as an accident, killed his children. He felt betrayed. He felt hurt and he considered himself weak and naive. Since that day, he tried to hate her, but deep inside him he knew he still cared for her. That's why he never talked to her again for 150 years.

Raikou: The hyperactive of his children. Ho-Oh finds entretaining to talk with him when Raikou is around to play. He adores Raikou and will do anything to see him fine. That's why he resurrected him from the death, along with the other two dogs.

Entei: Both of them are prideful creatures and they always know what they want, that's why they get along really well. Despite their small differences, Ho-Oh wants the best for Entei no matter what. Another one he adores and that's why he resurrected him from the death, along with the other two dogs.

Suicune: The calm one, as he thinks of himself. Suicune always tries to remain neutral in all the situations, and sometimes it pisses Ho-Oh off that Suicune goes against him during the meetings. But he adores him too and that's why he resurrected him from the death, along with the other two dogs.

Moltres: He knows she doesn't understand a thing of what he says during the meetings and that she thinks he doesn't notice that. As long as she keeps saying he's right, he doesn't mind too much. Even if the birds are Lugia's children, he respects them.

Zapdos: Zapdos always makes him laugh because Zapdos is hyperactive as Raikou is. He prefers leaving the two electric ones talk and have fun instead of talking directly, so he doesn't pay to much attention to it.

Articuno: He's always silent and calm, and yet he always is against him during the meetings. He thinks he's a Momma's Boy and that he's sort of an annoyance. Secretly, he's really proud that Lugia has someone like him next to her.

Mew: Somtimes he wonders how she become a Legendary one because she's so... childish most of the time. Crossing more than three words to her always makes him go crazy because she's too childish to his like.

Mewtwo: He watches him like a lion watches his prey. If he makes another mistake, he will finish him off because he's waiting to moment to strike him down. He doesn't trust him, not even a little. But then again, Ho-Oh doesn't trust anyone.

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